Take Jordan Tours To Experience The Middle-Eastern Lifestyle

Modern cities filled with worldwide citizens, mountainous regions dotted with tiny villages, and the desert inhabited by the nomadic Bedouin – the spectacular Middle-Eastern country, Jordan has all this diversity and much more to explore.


With the cosmopolitan cafes in Amman, the tranquility of the hilltop Dana Reserve, and the historic treasures of Madaba, you may visit Jordan for Petra or Dead Sea tour, but you’ll leave encountering much more than that.


More often, you don’t find Jordan splashed around the top of the favorite news site. Big on the scenic desert scenery and ancient monuments, Jordan is a country that confounds traveler’s perceptions of the Middle East. Here are a few reasons why:

Jordanian Hospitality

Whether you fall in love with the Bedouin culture or want to experience the Jordanian hospitality, you should start exploring Jordan now. However, Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Hello and Welcome) follows you wherever you go!

For Jordanians, hospitality is the part of their lifestyle, founded in centuries-old nomadic culture. Visitors who often visit Jordan love to sit back and drink endless small glasses of teas with locals.


The Ancient City of Petra

Petra is a lost city in Jordan. It is carved into the rocks in the sixth century. You can explore the famous treasury in Petra by camel, horse, or donkey. It’s even possible to enjoy climbing or hiking in and around Petra.


A memorable experience is certainly to see Petra by night. It’s the time when 1800 candles light the path to treasury and the Bedouins start playing their traditional instruments.

The Dead Sea

Do you ever intend to float on water without swimming? Take a Dead Sea tour now to make your dream fulfilled. The salinity of water is so high that nothing can survive in it. The water can even carry you easily even if you can’t swim.


In addition to, the Dead Sea has the deepest waters of the planet and is the deepest point you can go. The water and mud of the Dead Sea can offer a lot of positive effects on your health.

The Ruins

Do you keen on seeing the megalithic monuments? If yes, Jordan won’t let you down. Booking Jerash tours can allow you to explore Jerash – one of the best-preserved Greco-Roman towns around the world.


Taking a walk along its long Cardo Maximum from the South Theatre to the Temple of Artemis can offer you an evocative slice of the Classical Age. Besides, the Roman, Byzantine, Greek, and Arab empires have imprinted their handprints across the countryside. Therefore, booking Jerash tours on your vacation make sense!

Even, you can head north from the beautiful tumble of temples and columns at ancient Umm Qais or Pella and you’ll see the Umayyad Caliph’s country retreats of the UNESCO-listed Qasr Amr and Azraq Fort.


Conclusion –

Whether you want to book Wadi Rum tours, Dead Sea tour, or Jerash tours, you should count on Jordan Private Tours and Travel to make a perfect arrangement.

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Top Things to Know about an Exciting Dead Sea Tour

The Dead Sea in Jordan is one of the most valuable water bodies in the world, which is highly valued for its therapeutic nature. Known as one of the world’s saltiest water bodies, the Dead Sea is located at the lowest point of the earth’s surface. The high concentration of salt, the Dead Sea is blessed with the natural buoyancy that does not let anyone drown in its water and allows a body to float on it effortlessly (when left alone).

It is believed that the clay and minerals found in the Dead Sea waters possess miraculous properties and are used as beautifying and healing agent. On a guided Dead Sea tour, you will get an opportunity to have the utmost fun by exploring the natural wonder and its beautiful surrounding areas.


Here are some of the important things to know for enjoying a wonderful Dead Sea tour!

Best Time to Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan:

Early summers (from September to early May) is considered to be the best time to visit the Dead Sea. This is an ideal time to plan your Dead Sea tour when the days are slightly warm and nights are comfortably cold, as the temperature stays around 23 degrees. You can spend a quality time at the Dead Sea, as it is not too much crowded.


Please avoid planning a visit to the Dead Sea on Fridays, as it is advised by the Jordan tourism board. Usually, on Fridays, the local visitors plan to chill out in the area.

Places to See and Explore around the Dead Sea:

  1. Mujib Nature Reserve:

With a natural charm, the Mujib Nature Reserve boasts of having the perfect scenery that makes it one of the popular attractions around the Dead Sea. The biosphere reserve, Mujib Nature Reserve is the perfect place for enjoying exciting hiking, exploring dangerous trails and witnessing mesmerizing views of the rapid Mujib River.


  1. Explore the Beaches:

There are number beaches around the Dead Sea, from which most of the beaches are privately owned. It can be said that the Dead Sea and its beaches are heavenly creations, which one should explore to relax and unwind.

At the Neve Midbar (northern beach around the Dead Sea), you will find plenty of natural black mud, changing rooms, lockers and air-conditioned restaurant. Here you can relax on the sands and enjoy a bite at the restaurant that offers lovely views over the Dead Sea.

You can also explore the O Beach, which is a secluded spot located around the Dead Sea. At this beach, you will get privacy equivalent to a private beach. The O Beach is particularly known for its fascinating views, landscaped terraces, and one shade darker green waters.

  1. Kerak Castle:

The Kerak Castle is one of the best places of historical and religious relevance around the Dead Sea. A preserved castle from 9th century BC, this castle has stood the test of time and known for providing panoramic views of the Dead Sea and proves to be a visual treat for the onlookers. The Kerak Castle exhibits Crusader architecture with numerous corridors, underground corridors and stone vaults.

Best Things to do at a tour to Dead Sea:

1. Take a bath in the Ma’in Hot Spring

2. Hike up to the prominent Biblical sites in Jordan- Mount Nebo

3. Explore the rustic charm of Lot’s Cave

4. Walk up to the stunningly beautiful Zara Cliff

If you want to book a guided and well planned Dead Sea tour, then rely on Jordan Private Tours & Travel. We are a reputable name in Jordan tourism industry and specialize in providing a reliable assistance and guidance to provide you pleasant travel experience.


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Jordan Group Tours – Top 5 Sites You Shouldn’t Miss Out

A magnificent Arab nation on the east bank of the Jordan River, Jordan has appealed visitors from around the world for centuries with the wonderful Heritage Sites, alluring desert landscapes and friendly towns. Stands out as the home to approximately 125 thousand registered archaeological sites, Jordan is quickly emerging as a must-visit holiday destination for the Red Rose City of Petra, the Dead Sea, the Aqaba Gulf, Amman and much more.

Though there are so many sights to choose for Jordan group tours, you shouldn’t miss out following highlights:

1. Amman –


The capital city of Jordan – Amman reflects contrasts with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary culture. While the old parts of the city still keeps the history, the new city has luxurious hotels, restaurants, art galleries, modern buildings and boutiques. While making Jordan group tours, you should discover the two of the best sights in Amman are the Citadel – stands out the home to military and religious artifacts and the Theatre – boats seating facilities for 6000 and still in use currently.

2. Petra –


Petra – the sightseeing wonder and World Heritage Site is the most precious treasure and greatest tourist attraction in Jordan. It’s a huge city, carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabataeans – the industrious Arab people settled here over 2000 years ago, converting it into an important junction for the spice, silk and other trade routes that connected India, southern Arabia and China with Syria, Egypt, Rome and Greece. For your group tours in Jordan, visiting Treasury – a 40m high building with columns carved into the rock face is must in Petra.

3. Dead Sea –


Another must-have touristic feature for Jordan group tours, Dead Sea is the lowest elevation lake located in Jordan. Situated around 400m below sea level. Hyper saline nature of water makes swimming easy, and the mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments at various nearby resorts. The surrounding desert also has many oases and historic sites. However, the water of Dead Sea is warm during winter; so visiting here on Jordan group tours can be perfect.

4. Aqaba –


Based on the northern shores of the Red Sea, Aqaba is an interesting destination. In fact, Aqaba is the only port in Jordan and is neighbored by Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The most appealing aspect of Aqaba from a travel point is the coral reefs of the Red Sea. If you love diving and snorkeling, you can consider a visit to Aqaba on Jordan group tours.

5. Wadi Rum –


No Jordan group tours can be complete without a trip to Wadi Rum. It’s a protected area covering 720 square kilometers of dramatic desert wilderness in the southernmost part of Jordan. You’ll find here the huge mountains of sandstone and granite emerging sheer-sided, narrow canyons and fissures cutting deep into the mountains and much more. Besides, Bedouin tribes live among the mountains and their large goat-hair tents are the special feature of the landscape. If you want to enjoy the attractions of Wadi Rum on Jordan group tours, there are so many ways available – like jeep, camel, hiking tours and even you can stay overnight in a Bedouin tent and gaze yourself underneath the starry sky.

Conclusion –

Do you find something interesting among above sightings in Jordan? If yes, book Jordan group tours with Jordan Private Tours & Travel. Rest assured that, we will enhance your travel experience and help you enjoy unforgettable holiday. Please feel free to check out our TripAdvisor reviews beforehand and let us design your Jordan group tour itinerary to get the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Jordan!

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