How To Experience the Most on Jordan Tours?

Jordan – the ancient Hashemite Kingdom captivated ancient travelers, continues to enthrall as a modern, vibrant country around the world.

Starting the primeval, haunting starkness of Wadi Rum, the teeming center of urban Amman, the majestic ruins of the bygone era, to the timeless elegance of the Dead Sea, Jordan is special in every sense.


Right now, Jordan is unveiled as a sightseeing destination with handful mysterious, breathtaking sights, top-rated accommodations, unique delicacies and endless activities. In short and simple words, a Jordan travel can offer you an ultimate level of inspiration, motivation, and rejuvenation.

Whether you want a lavish dinner at the peerless desert – Wadi Rum, or a barbecue at the Dead Sea shores, a Jordan visit has everything to make sure a once in a lifetime unforgettable experience.

Still not convinced about taking Jordan tours? Let us help you out. Here, we’ve discussed a few off-the-beaten adventures, sightseeing delights to experience on a visit to Jordan to get the most out of it:

The Spectacular Delights of Jordan Tours –

Madaba –

Madaba is the home to the well-known sixth century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. It’s famous for the magnificence of Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.


Blessed with two million pieces of vividly colored stone, Madaba depicts valleys, hills, villages, and towns as far as the Nile Delta.

The Dead Sea –

The warm home away from home – Dead Sea is one of the best picks of your Jordan travel. It’s renowned as one of the splendid natural, spiritual landscapes around the world.


The Dead Sea is the lowest water body on the earth, the lowest point on earth and the richest source of natural salt around the world. However, it has wonderful treasures accumulated throughout thousands of years.

Wadi Rum –

Wadi Rum is a timeless, stupendous place, virtually untouched by humanity and destructive forces. With a maze of monolithic rockscapes, the wadi rises up from the desert floor to reach the height of 1,750m.


Hiking Wadi Rum remains a natural challenge for mountaineers. But while hiking there, you will experience the tranquility of endless empty spaces and discover the water holes, canyons to see the 4000-year-old rock drawings, other treasures the vast wilderness holds in store.

Aqaba –

Aqaba – the intersection point where fantasy, sun, and sea meet the charms and ambiance of antiquity, is a major attraction on your visit to Jordan.

Seeking for a destination for holiday relaxation or to enjoy water sports and winter warmth? Nothing can beat Aqaba – the warm, sunny, and inviting destination in Jordan.


While taking a Jordan visit, you can take part in snorkeling, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing, scuba diving, para-sailing and much more in Aqaba.

Petra –

Petra is a World Heritage Site – seems no work of human’s creative hand. From the magic of architectural delights to the rock where the magic has grown, Petra is eternal, silent, beautiful, and alone.

The rock-carved, rose-red city – Petra is full of mysterious charms and is designed to strike wonder into all who visited there. However, the giant red mountains and mausoleums have nothing in common with modern civilization. While taking Jordan tours there, you will ask nothing of it, rather you will appreciate its true value.


Remember, Petra is one of the greatest wonders ever wrought by Nature and Human. Though there are lots of things written about Petra, nothing really can prepare you to explore this incredible place. Petra has to be seen to be believed.

Conclusion –

Still thinking, right? It’s time to make your dream of Jordan tours, a reality with Jordan Private Tours & Travel. Let us handle all your Jordan travel expectations and preferences.

No matter whatever you desire for your Jordan visit, we will get you covered. Check out our client testimonials and reviews on TripAdvisor. Make your visit to Jordan with Jordan Private Tours & Travel extremely unforgettable.

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Jordan Group Tours – Top 5 Sites You Shouldn’t Miss Out

A magnificent Arab nation on the east bank of the Jordan River, Jordan has appealed visitors from around the world for centuries with the wonderful Heritage Sites, alluring desert landscapes and friendly towns. Stands out as the home to approximately 125 thousand registered archaeological sites, Jordan is quickly emerging as a must-visit holiday destination for the Red Rose City of Petra, the Dead Sea, the Aqaba Gulf, Amman and much more.

Though there are so many sights to choose for Jordan group tours, you shouldn’t miss out following highlights:

1. Amman –


The capital city of Jordan – Amman reflects contrasts with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary culture. While the old parts of the city still keeps the history, the new city has luxurious hotels, restaurants, art galleries, modern buildings and boutiques. While making Jordan group tours, you should discover the two of the best sights in Amman are the Citadel – stands out the home to military and religious artifacts and the Theatre – boats seating facilities for 6000 and still in use currently.

2. Petra –


Petra – the sightseeing wonder and World Heritage Site is the most precious treasure and greatest tourist attraction in Jordan. It’s a huge city, carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabataeans – the industrious Arab people settled here over 2000 years ago, converting it into an important junction for the spice, silk and other trade routes that connected India, southern Arabia and China with Syria, Egypt, Rome and Greece. For your group tours in Jordan, visiting Treasury – a 40m high building with columns carved into the rock face is must in Petra.

3. Dead Sea –


Another must-have touristic feature for Jordan group tours, Dead Sea is the lowest elevation lake located in Jordan. Situated around 400m below sea level. Hyper saline nature of water makes swimming easy, and the mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments at various nearby resorts. The surrounding desert also has many oases and historic sites. However, the water of Dead Sea is warm during winter; so visiting here on Jordan group tours can be perfect.

4. Aqaba –


Based on the northern shores of the Red Sea, Aqaba is an interesting destination. In fact, Aqaba is the only port in Jordan and is neighbored by Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The most appealing aspect of Aqaba from a travel point is the coral reefs of the Red Sea. If you love diving and snorkeling, you can consider a visit to Aqaba on Jordan group tours.

5. Wadi Rum –


No Jordan group tours can be complete without a trip to Wadi Rum. It’s a protected area covering 720 square kilometers of dramatic desert wilderness in the southernmost part of Jordan. You’ll find here the huge mountains of sandstone and granite emerging sheer-sided, narrow canyons and fissures cutting deep into the mountains and much more. Besides, Bedouin tribes live among the mountains and their large goat-hair tents are the special feature of the landscape. If you want to enjoy the attractions of Wadi Rum on Jordan group tours, there are so many ways available – like jeep, camel, hiking tours and even you can stay overnight in a Bedouin tent and gaze yourself underneath the starry sky.

Conclusion –

Do you find something interesting among above sightings in Jordan? If yes, book Jordan group tours with Jordan Private Tours & Travel. Rest assured that, we will enhance your travel experience and help you enjoy unforgettable holiday. Please feel free to check out our TripAdvisor reviews beforehand and let us design your Jordan group tour itinerary to get the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Jordan!

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Why Jordan Travel Deserves A Mention For Your Upcoming Vacation?

Europe, Thailand or desert safari in Africa. Usually, these are the thoughts that come to our mind while planning a holiday. Why not Jordan?

Well, Jordan provides a little bit of everything from the contemporary city of Amman to the interesting natural spectacles, astounding landscapes and untouched nature reserves. Below mentioned are few reasons why Jordan travel deserves a mention for your upcoming vacation.

Float in the Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea, enclosed by Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian dominion, is a salt lake, nearly 10 times saltier than seawater. The coral-blue water allures swimming enthusiasts who want to float but without any effort whatsoever. The extreme saltiness of Dead Sea signifies that once you jump in, your body immediately floats on the water – leaving you in an ideal position to lie back and relish a soak at the lowest point of the planet.

Camp underneath the stars with the Bedouins:

Bedouins – whose Arabic name bedu means desert inhabitants – are popular for their boldness & hospitality. These semi-nomadic folks traditionally reside in isolated communities, herding goats and camels and crafting their dwellings in goat-fur tents. Luckily, travelers can experience the Bedouin lifestyle more pleasingly in Wadi Rum, a beautiful desert in South Jordan, which human beings have populated since prehistoric eras.

Snorkel the colorful reefs of Red Sea:

Dust-covered from the desert? Its time to explore the lovely reefs & beaches of Aqaba on the Red Sea. For over 2,000 years, Aquaba has been an important harbor for sea trails from Europe, Asia and Africa – and still is, as the numerous large ships in the port testify. You can loosen up on a private beach, or book a snorkeling trip and enjoy a day cruising the Gulf of Aqaba.

Tour Petra, an age-old metropolis:

When we are talking about Jordan travel how can we forget Petra – the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Snuggled in a remote valley enclosed by Jordan’s uneven mountains, Petra was left abandoned and concealed from the globe for hundreds of years. But after being founded again in the 1800s, Petra is now not just Jordan’s primary tourist attraction, it was also recently nominated as one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Walk in the footsteps Hollywood celebrities:

You can’t conceive it, but you have possibly already noticed some major Jordan highlights on the Big screen. In the latest sci-fi film, ‘The Martin’ Wadi Rum’s sand dunes stood in for the desert landscape of the red planet. Beside that Wadi Rum is also known to the movie bugs as the beautiful backdrop to the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in 1962.

It would be actually unfair to say why you should visit Jordan. In fact, you need to experience it firsthand rather than listening stories from your friends or seeing it on the TV. So, plan for a Jordan trip from now!